Tina Overbury
Core Story Coach, Author & Speaker

TinaO is a writer, story coach, and the founder of Live Your Best Story, a weekend retreat designed to bring participants in touch with their own deep listening practice and personal wisdom. She is the co-owner of the LEAP Learning Lab, an online learning platform for women to show up at their best without apology and this year she is launching an online webseries called The TinaO Show where she’ll sharing Stories from the Core. TinaO is three years post cancer treatment, and two years post her first triathlon. She’s a mom to three busy boys and there’s nothing she loves quite as much as a wild and deep conversation over a long meal. Just saying… in case you like that kinda thing too.

Tina Overybury


Title: Your Life, Your Story, Your Way

DESCRIPTION: Each of us has a story. We came into the world an invitation to live out that story. We don’t have to look for it, dig deep to unearth it, or chase it down, we simply need to listen to it. Our story, like our body is our constant companion. It’s what we’re made of, and more importantly, what we’re designed for. In this session you will identify the double-edge sword of your Core Story so you can start living the life you are made for.

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