Laura Davis
Psychic Medium & Intuitive Energy Healer

Laura is a psychic medium and intuitive energy healer based in Vancouver. She has been working with spirit for many years, and communicates with spirit through her intuition. Laura combines her gift with the use of oracle cards to guide and offer you a solution to the answers you may seek. Each session is channelled differently to the last, bringing peace and guidance in the best way possible for you.
Laura sees and works with the energy surrounding you. She is able to help you remove energy blocks and attachments you no longer need in your life, which can be affecting your balance and wellbeing. Laura uses techniques of chakra clearing and Usui reiki in her practice as well and her intuition to guide her.
Overall, Laura loves to assist people by helping them to break barries, blockages and interference, so they can live life to its fullest potential.


I perform these in a friendly, professional, and relaxing manner. You can ask me about a particular question, or have a general reading. If you have any questions during your reading, please feel free to ask. I can talk to your guides and loved ones that have passed over.
30 to 60mins provided in a private setting.

Intuitive energy healing session:
I will work around your different energy points on your body moving the energy as I go, whilst you relax on a comfortable bed. People can experience many different sensations and emotions during this treatment
You will remain fully clothed during experience.
30 to 60min provided in a private setting.

To book a treatment at the Loon Lake Retreat Jun 21-23,

Phone: 778-237-8380