Jillian Rutledge
Breath Coach, Freediving Instructor, Performance Shaman

Jillian’s first teachers were dolphins.  They are the masters of conscious breathing and have been thriving on the planet for 15 million years longer than us.  She has been in direct contact with these highly intelligent, conscious beings for over 20 years, listening, observing and connecting.  To fully understand their teachings, Jillian has studied several styles of yoga, pranayama, breathwork, energy medicine and bodywork modalities.  She is a freediving instructor (breath hold diving) and underwater dancer, able to safely hold her breath for 5 minutes and dive to 130 feet (40m).  Our breath is directly connected to everything we do.  Breath IS life and is the foundation for the powerful and proven breathing philosophies she’s combined to offer highly effective methods that work for anybody wanting to profoundly improve their health and wellbeing.  These techniques exponentially expand awareness directly impacting empowerment and evolution.



Restore, Reflect, Reconnect with the Breath-The inspiration is right under our nose

“How we Breathe is who we are” – Our breath is directly connected to everything we do.  So when we want to change, heal, or grow, it starts with the breath. Sounds simple!  Why, then, does it seem so complicated to do?  In this 90 minute workshop, Jillian will guide us in a simple, yet profound breathing practice to help us recall our unique breathing patterns that will support whole brain thinking. She guarantees we will be relaxed, feel spacious, be inspired and walk away as a new human.