Caterina Barregar
Self Esteem Coach & Women’s Empowerment Expert

Caterina is a Relationship and Self Esteem Coach, Women’s Empowerment Expert, NLP Practitioner and Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher.
Published Author, speaker and iTunes Contributor

Caterina’s journey began as a young child of a military family that moved often. Her gift for healing the bodies, minds and spirits of men and women, began when she was 8 years old while living with her grandmother in Berlin, Germany.
She became a Reiki Master/Teacher and later became a professional life coach.

As the owner of Imagine Life Coaching, founder of the YesYOUCan Empowerment For Women, and YesYOUCan – Women In Business, Caterina’s passion is to partner with women around the globe, to look for love in all the right places, which begins by taking a journey within to release mistaken belief systems, overcome old baggage, create positive self talk and practice self care in their personal and professional lives. “It is your birthright to be happy!”

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Looking For Love In All The Right Places: The Journey Within

Our world is filled with chaos, and as women, we are always there for others, and sometimes forget that we need to be cared for too. Caterina will show you how to set healthy boundaries, gain self-esteem, practice self care and remember who you are when you may have forgotten.

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Reiki Master

Caterina Barregar, was taught Reiki by Reiki Master Bonnie Switzer, 3rd in the Usui Reiki Lineage.  Her work has included the following:

Helping infertile women who are medically sound to release physical and emotional belief systems so that they could become pregnant

Working with clients post cancer on pain relief

Working with clients remotely preparing for surgery in hospital.

Helping infertile women who are medically sound to release physical and emotional belief systems so that they could become pregnant

Working with children to relieve anxiety.

Relaxation Reiki Therapy for men and women

Balancing chakras to clear emotional, physical and sometimes spiritual blocks remotely and in person.

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60 Minutes – $150

30 Minutes $75

All Reiki Sessions include GST and can be pre-booked.  Please send eTranfer to Caterina at email hidden; JavaScript is required.  Caterina also accepts cash at the time of the session.

Relationship Coaching – the key to building better relationships starts with self-esteem

Catherina coaches clients who want to raise their self esteem to have a better relationship with themselves so that they can create and nurture better relationships with others. It all starts within.

Identify your values and needs, and how to live by them
Create abundance in all of your relationships
Raise your self esteem
Turn your relationship dreams into reality
Learn to trust yourself
Learn how to say NO
Be more aware of your positive personality traits
​Be aware of the dynamics you are creating in any relationship
Learn how to use your self talk in a positive way when communicating with people
Redefine what a healthy relationship looks like​

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