Bronwyn Simons

Bronwyn is an award-winning astrologer, a community-builder, an artist, and a
passionate and compassionate believer in the power of your soul and
your story.

As a full time consulting astrologer, she works one on one with clients,
and travels to teach and host retreats in Canada, the U.S., and
Europe. In 2018, Bronwyn was named Most Promising Astrologer by the
Organization for Professional Astrology. She spends her days talking to
the most beautiful, amazing people, from all over the world.  Bronwyn truly considers it sa privilege to help you explore your story and understand the meaning of your life experiences.
Insta: @moon.wisdom

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Moon Wisdom

Throughout time and across cultures, the Moon has been associated with
wisdom, protection, and secret, sacred knowledge. Our closest celestial companion has the power to pull the tides and trigger fertility in plants and animals.

Myths, magic, and ritual have been built around the shifting face of
the Moon, and she is a special companion to women because her changing
body and her monthly cycles so vividly mirror our own bodily changes,
in our reproductive years and beyond. The lunar cycles are beautiful
natural rhythms that our bodies and souls respond to throughout our

Moon Wisdom is a deep dive into the mysteries, magic, and wisdom of
the moon. Traditional lunar wisdom draws on the powers of the moon to
enrich our lives, improve our health, understand our fertility,
enhance our sensual pleasure, allow our gardens to flourish, connect
us with the energetic realms, and light our path in many ways.

In this workshop we will:

~Learn about the Moon Phases and how to align with them, including New
Moon goal setting and manifestation, and Full Moon celebration and
~Learn how to keep a Moon Journal to explore our own changes over the
months, and align more deeply with natural cycles.
~Learn about our own Birth Moon, and find our personal Power Phase of
the Moon!

When we incorporate simple Moon Wisdom practices into our daily lives,
we soon begin to feel a greater positive connection to ourselves, our
bodies, nature, and source.


Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the moment of your birth, and a guidebook to the unfolding story of your soul. What happens when you spend time listening to the story of your soul?  You find meaning in the day to day. You rekindle inspiration.You
access deep wells of healing and relief, and feel the ease and comfort
of being seen. You exhale.

This is the gift of witnessing the profound cyclical patterns of the
emerging self. This is deep work. There is huge impact.

When practiced well, astrology combines elements of archetypal
therapy, strategic coaching, psychic reading, and energy healing, and
really can move us towards greater satisfaction with our life, more
breathing room, and a regaining of our bearings.

What to expect from an astrology consultation with me:

I’ve been told that consulting with me feels like a conversation with a wise and loving friend who’s known you forever. I lead with kindness, and I create a safe and nurturing space for you to open up and learn about yourself without judgement. I’m a gifted intuitive, but I’m not a fortune-teller. Your future is your own. I will never tell you something that feels scary. My goal is to empower you with wisdom and knowledge.

Especially for uBlossom, I am offering focused 30 minute sessions, in
a private and nurturing environment. Book your session via this link: