Anne Dunnett
Haiku Poet and Designer

Anne is a haiku poet and designer based on Vancouver Island. Anne’s experience from writing haiku has lead her to believe that haiku is a powerful tool for mindfulness that can provide healing as a daily stress reliever. Her purpose and passion is showing others how creativity, haiku, spirituality and living with more awareness all share a commonality of being in the moment. Mindfulness has brought wholeness into her life in the form of haiku which has led her to a lifestyle filled with endless benefits and possibilities.

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Haiku for Mindfulness – A Creativity Workshop

Walk with me in my world of EVERYDAY HAIKU. Experience relief from daily stress and find out how haiku can help you slow down, be more present and give you more peaceful and joy-filled moments. I will share how I have become more present, more mindful and less stressed from learning, writing and creating through the healing benefits of haiku poetry.
In this introductory workshop you will learn about haiku and how you can use it as a creative tool to be more mindful in your everyday life. You will gain awareness and presence through self discovery by following the philosophy of what haiku is based on. You will learn about what haiku is and isn’t. We will go on a short Ginko walk, this is also known simply as a haiku walk that traditional Japanese haiku poets would go on in small groups to write haiku and share their outdoor experience. On the walk you will observe what you see, hear, smell, touch and even taste.
The final activity is the POETRY KIT that consists of 10 beautifully designed postcards with blank areas for you to pick and choose one liners so you can compose and create your own haiku designs to take home.

Note: This workshop does not involve a lot of writing and is focused on learning about haiku as a lifestyle for living in the moment with a less is more mindset.