Workshop: Good Enough – Your Inner Pursuit – Corrine Ropp

You are enough.  And yet there are times when we act like we are not.  We say we are, but our actions speak louder than those thoughts.  Are you aware that this negative programming lurks deep in the subconscious mind? It continually runs over and over, and most of the time we are oblivious to its power.

During this workshop, Corrine will focus on the actual solution of this human condition. Using the power of your subconscious mind, she will teach you techniques so that you can tap into an energy that supports positive development and removes the program that stops your happiness.

Art Class: Letting Go and Grabbing Hold with Art – April Lacheur

Let’s let the creativity flow. Let’s use art to help us let go of that ‘baggage’ we simply don’t need and help us connect with what is truly important. We will start with abstract work to explore color, movement, play and letting go. There are no rules here! We will then focus on what symbolizes what is most important to us and work this into our masterpieces. There will will be time for exploring and play and time to create at least 1 piece to take home. No art experience necessary.
Please wear something that you don’t mind possibly getting paint on and bring a notebook and pen.


Morning Meditation: Corinne Ropp

Corinne will lead you on a deeply moving guided group meditation. Set your intentions for the day and watch them blossom!


Yoga Classes:  Tina Grant

Morning Flow

We will welcome in the day with a flow class that includes Sun Salutations, a little work to get your muscles feeling strong and open then finish with a relaxing stretch to get you ready for your day.

Bellyfit Class:  Alice Bracegirdle

By blending the power & wisdom of ancient practices, with the research, technology and trends of the modern world, Bellyfit® classes offer much more than just ‘a workout’. Intelligently designed by women, for women, Bellyfit® classes offer a full body, full of spirit, extraordinary exercise experience inspired by dance, fitness and Yoga.  Always safe, effective and fun, our mission is to help you feel amazing in your body, no matter what your age, size, ability, race or faith.

Workshop: Time To Find Your Kegel Mojo! – Kim Vopni

Is your bladder running your life? Do you know where every bathroom is from home to office? Do you constantly feel the need to pee even though you went just a few minutes ago? Do you leak when you laugh? These are all signs that your bladder needs a talking to! It’s time YOU take control and regain your pelvic vitality! Come learn various lifestyle modifications, movement practices and clarity on the elusive kegel that will help optimize your pelvic health. There IS help beyond pads, drugs and surgery and you CAN regain and maintain your kegel mojo for life!

Hike, Boat or Swim!



Looking For Love In All The Right Places: The Journey Within – Caterina Barregar

Our world is filled with chaos, and as women, we are always there for others, and sometimes forget that we need to be cared for too. Caterina will show you how to set healthy boundaries, gain self-esteem, practice self care and remember who you are when you may have forgotten.

Your Life, Your Story, Your Way – Tina Overbury

Each of us has a story. We came into the world an invitation to live out that story. We don’t have to look for it, dig deep to unearth it, or chase it down, we simply need to listen to it. Our story, like our body is our constant companion. It’s what we’re made of, and more importantly, what we’re designed for. In this session you will identify the double-edge sword of your Core Story so you can start living the life you are made for.