Focus: The Cure To Overcome Overwhelm

When work and family/friend ‘obligations’ pile up and every job feels equally important, overwhelm can take over. Overwhelm typically sounds like this: “I can’t do it all (and everything seems equally important) so I won’t do anything. On second thought, I’ll start one job and quickly move on to another without finishing the first! Then, I’ll become frustrated, eat unhealthy food and call myself names for not accomplishing the tasks that need my attention.” I have a few suggestions for you (that have worked for my clients) that will get you re-focused and feeling rejuvenated.

Checklist To Overcome Overwhelm

  • Start Somewhere: Pick one task to focus on first. Just getting in the flow will help you stop overthinking and under-acting and build momentum. Choose a task that has a looming deadline or provides the highest value moving forward.
  • Take Control: You can’t control people or the unforeseen future but you can control yourself and your perspective on your present situation. You’ve got this!
  • Guard Your Energy: Take care of the tasks that drain your energy because you’re not dealing with them. Deal with them and regain your ability to focus.
  • Reach Out: Ask for help where needed. This is not a sign of being incompetent but rather humble and self aware.
  • Implement a Routine: Structure is vital to regaining focus and a strong foundation. In your weekly planner (or mind if you have the self control and personal motivation) prioritize your top values first. These are usually activities that make you feel your best. For example: Exercise, Time for romance, friendships and work that makes you feel passionate.
  • Set Boundaries: Stop giving your time away to anyone and everyone! You and your time are just as valuable as other people and their time.

What helps YOU stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling refreshed? I’d love to hear one of your secrets below!
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Reprinted with permission from Amy Englemark.