uBlossom Retreats Founder

Well-known for her dedication to her Vancouver Island community as a volunteer, event planner, fundraiser, and advocate for local charities, Dennyse contributes to the lives of many and is passionate about everything she does.

Firmly believing in the importance of self-love, reflection, and reconnection, Dennyse is dedicated to bringing women together in a beautiful, safe environment where they have the opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, grow, and rejuvenate. It’s her mission to promote empowering women through events that are engaging, fun, and inspirational.

Having worked as a manager in the travel industry for more than ten years, Dennyse enjoys exploring the world and has travelled to over 38 countries with her husband. After helping her young daughter battle cancer, Dennyse reset her goals in life and began following her love for art, and her desire to connect the authentic, strong, and passionate women in her life.

A top life experience for Dennyse was attending a women’s retreat in 2014.  There she reconnected with her body, her mind, and her spirit. This experience planted the seed that has led her to where she is today—sprouting a variety of retreats and events that empower, inspire, and motivate women.

In her spare time, this busy spouse and mother of two can be found enjoying the great outdoors by ski, by foot, or by boat. She also enjoys painting, photography, and pottery, and can often be found attending workshops and completing courses for personal growth, knowledge, and inspiration.


PARTNERS – uBlossom and U

Building Community

Our philosophy is that we are all partners in our one “wild and precious life”. We can’t do it alone-we all contribute to the success of these weekend retreats. Through a collective of cross-promotion and support, our partners have a great opportunity to showcase their services, products and brands in front of an intimate, enthusiastic audience.
If you are interested in partnering with the uBlossom Team in 2019, we’d love to hear from you.

Would you like to become part of the uBlossom Team by facilitating a workshop or becoming a sponsor? we are now taking applications for 2019 retreats.


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