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You are an amazing woman, and you deserve to be inspired. You deserve a weekend all for you, to slow down, disconnect from your relentless schedule. A weekend retreat where you can open up to creating meaningful change in your life, meet new friends, create a new ritual or take part in an activity you have never done before. Self-care, self-love, it’s all about U. If you resonate with any of these statements above, then uBlossom Retreat is for you. When we take the time to nurture ourselves, we plant the seeds of self-love and self-care and we blossom and grow into our most beautiful, strongest, happiest versions of ourselves.


What I loved about the retreat was the evident energy, care, thought and effort that was put into every detail – from name tags on our room door, to a lovely welcome event and more. From the moment I arrived on Friday afternoon until the final good-byes on Sunday afternoon, every moment in between was nourishing and filled with ease, learning, connections and self-care. I had a massage, a Reiki session, spent time alone and with others, attended great workshops with top notch presenters, ate yummy food, swam in the lake, warmed up in the sauna, read my book, spent hours writing in my journal and while it was a full time with lots to do, it was also spacious and relaxing all at once. Dennyse and her retreat team create a very relaxed, organized, creative, calm and fun retreat experience where a soulful container was created.   The magic that happens when amazing women gather together to know, grow and care for ourselves, naturally flowed. I feel like this uBlossom retreat helped me to replenish and connect in a fresh way with who I am and what I love! Thank you!
The best part about this retreat for me was the community! All lovely ladies with lots in common! 😊 This retreat totally exceeded my expectations. The food was amazing, and the workshops were very insightful! The highlight of my stay was the nice camp fire we had together and taking in the beautiful surrounding scenery! My overall feeling by the end of the weekend was pure nourishment! Mind body and soul! 💕
By the end of the retreat, my overall feeling was happiness for having done something so big for myself.  I had feelings of guilt in booking the retreat initially because it felt like a lot of time and money to spend on just me (and not my kids or my whole family).  By the end, I knew that it had been worth it.  The time away, the workshops, meeting other women... all of it was a good reminder of how important it is to nourish myself so that I can nourish and appreciate the parts of my life that mean the most to me. My favourite part was the opportunity to bond with other women. Other highlights:  Karen's evening talk, the evening fire, time in my room with my room mates, receiving little gifts that felt like being pampered (the chocolates and card on arrival, the hair products). Yes, I'd recommend the retreat!  It's a reminder of the importance of taking time out and checking in with yourself to make sure you are waking up happy each day.
Melissa Obrien
After spending the weekend at The Simply Blossoming Retreat at the Strathcona Park Lodge on the north end of Vancouver Island I was truly transformed. I came away with a whole new perspective on life. A whole new determination to see the value in myself AND in others. As a 3 year Breast Cancer survivor I've been on a healing journey of sorts. As part of this journey I am always looking for a deeper connection with myself, and with others. I felt that connection during this retreat. There was a healing energy at the lodge and in the other women that were participating in the retreat. It felt as though we were all on the same journey of healing.  And we understood each other. I shared my story with some of the women, I shed some tears and it was cleansing. I felt accepted, embraced and understood. I made new friends that I am grateful for. And I become more deeply connected and understanding of the women I already knew. The connection was amazing but the "disconnection" was pretty great too! How refreshing it was to put the cell phone down and step away from social media for 3 days! And just BE. Be me, Be free, Be open, Be connected. I would definitely recommend this retreat to other women... you'll find what your heart, mind and body is looking for.
Terri Welsh
I would like to share and express my gratitude to Dennyse Harris. Dennyse has a way to bring it all together, her attention to detail was clear and focused. I have 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, so I can appreciate the hours behind the scenes organizing everything that makes a retreat a success. From location choice, food, speakers, workshops, website, care givers, schedule etc, you name it... she did it all with LOVE. The wonderful women that I was able to connect with was simply incredible. We shared some very “aha moments” together as our healing sessions unfolded. Thank you for inviting me, I can't wait to attend the next retreat! Please join us... you will Blossom.
Deanna Papineau
My experience during the uBlossom Retreat was filled with laughter, inspiration and connectedness. So many like-minded women coming together is a powerful and beautiful thing. I would recommend this retreat experience to any woman seeking renewal. Loved it!
Misha Wolf
I felt very connected to the other women that I met at the retreat. I made new friends and shared wonderful and memorable experiences. I really benefited from the diverse workshops. I have taken some of the philosophies with me and think of them and use them often. The yoga class was beautiful and the location can't be beat. You feel like you're really living mindfully while you're there. I would definitely recommend the retreats to every women, it's a great way to get in touch with new information and learn new things and meet other women who are also looking to connect and better themselves.
Meredith Rose

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